How accurate is Datasprout?

Our job is to give authors the best estimate we can for their earnings but it's important to remember that Datasprout is an estimation tool. Depending on the dates you're filtering by at any given time, we may or may not have access to all the information that is necessary to give a 100% accurate estimate. This article will explain where we make assumptions.

KENP rates

Until the official KENP rate is announced for a month, earnings from KENP will be an estimate. In the Datasprout settings you can choose a manual rate to use in this case or select "auto" and we will use the most recently announced rate.

Different stores also have different rates. For example, a page read on and will earn you a different amount of money. Due to technical constraints and the fact that the earnings difference is insignificant (usually a fraction of a cent), Datasprout will assume all pages read are done so on in most cases.

Exchange Rates

Datasprout uses the official exchange rates given on the final day of a month. These will differ from the actual exchange rates you get because your bank will likely take a cut when exchanging currency.

If the month hasn't ended yet, Datasprout will use the closing exchange rate from the previous month.

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